Tissue Culture


Plants have been conventionally propagated by seed and vegetative methods. Seeds are generally heterozygous and cause undesirable variability in the off-springs. Plant Tissue Culture has become an important alternative where any plant species can be cloned and a large number of genetically uniform disease-free plants can be obtained within a short period of time. The state of art technique enables production of plants in a small laboratory space round the year, independent of season. The controlled culture environment ensures uniform growth and optimum field performance of the plants. The technique is being widely applied for large-scale production of high quality plants including ornamentals, premium vegetables, medicinal plants and high volume fruits like banana, strawberry etc. The demand for tissue culture derived plants has been growing exponentially across the globe. A large number of tissue culture based industries have been engaged in commercial production of selected plant species in India and abroad. There is a huge demand for trained manpower in this sector. The course being offered will train manpower enabling them to meet the diverse needs of industry in an efficient manner. In addition, the course will also provide training to become an entrepreneur in the said are by setting up a facility of suitable size at location of their choice. The centre will hand hold such entrepreneurs for all technical, financial and commercial needs to achieve a viable, successful and profitable venture.


• To impart techno commercial training in plant tissue culture technology for developing entrepreneurship skills.
•  To train manpower suited to the needs of Plant Tissue Culture Industry and Research centres.

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