Urban Horticulture


Air pollution and high pesticide content in vegetables is a serious health concern now a days. There is a severe need to have in house capability to develop plants for domestic use in urban areas.
Through this programme, women entrepreneurs can develop their own capabilities to develop air purifying plants, ornamentals, high value pesticide free select vegetables including mint, tomato, spinach, capsicum, cucumber etc. The city urbanization, increase in per capita consumption, health consciousness, growing number of working women, shifting of farmers to high value vegetables due to higher income and continuous demand for vegetables are the significant factors fuelling vegetable growth in the country.
Also to make the city “Green” and pollution free we can utilize the space on the terrace and common open areas for developing urban horticulture. The focus of the programme is to efficiently grow their own vegetables on the roof top or common open space and air purifying / ornamental plants for in-house use through technological application

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