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Agribusiness Management courses are designed with a vision of empowering Agricultural graduates with knowledge of systematic observation and analytical skills needs to take effective charge of the new socio-economic conditions and to rise above the functional barriers in the execution of their responsibilities, in this challenging era, India reburies operationalization of about 400 Agricultural commodities Value chains (input as well as output).
The course curriculum is designed with extensive agricultural industry consultation and academic experts’ advice it integrates technical, functional, and managerial and leadership aspects of management with a fusion of skills, techniques, qualities and values, the Course is customized to the requirement of the industry. This programme is being guided by Advisory Committee and Board of Studies constituted with renowned professionals from Academic Institutions, NGO and Agricultural Industries.

Indian Fee International Fee
Tuition Fees:2,50,000/- (p.a.) Tuition Fees:5000 USD (p.a.)
University Charges:50,000/- (p.a.) University Charges:1000 USD (p.a.)
Refundable Security:10,000/- Refundable Security: -

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Semester-1: 32 Credits

1. Information Technology and Its Application
2. Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
3. Financial Accounting
4. Managerial Economics 5. Agribusiness Environment and Management
6. Business Statistics
7. Marketing Management Principles
8. Managerial Communication
9. Fundamentals of Agriculture
10. Agricultural Project Management
11. Segment Training and workshop

Semester-II: 36 Credits

1. Financial Management
2. Rural Marketing
3. Digital Marketing
4. Research Methodology for Agribusiness
5. Agriculture Production System & Management
6. Agricultural Value Chain Management
7. Agricultural Trade Policies and Legal Framework
8. Human Resources Management
9. Quality Management of Agricultural Products
10. Data Analytics and Modeling
11. Seminar in Agri-business Management

Semester-III: 32 Credits

1. Agricultural Risk Management
2. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
3. Environmental Studies
4. Agripreneurship Development
5. Database and Decision Support Systems (DSSs)
6. ITeS in Agriculture Sector and Enterprises
7. Commodity Futures Market
8. Elective Group (Any One Group)
      A. Agri Input Management
          1. Inputs Marketing Management
          2. Seed Production Technology
      B. Agri-Technology Management
         1. Farm Power & Machinery Management
         2. Management of Irrigation Systems
      C. Food Process Management
         1. Food Retail Management
         2. Vegetables Post-Harvest and Processing Management
     D. Livestock, Poultry, Fisheries & Dairy Management
         1. Meat and Meat Product Technology & Processing Management
         2. Dairy and Dairy Products Technology & processing Management
     E. Agro Forestry and Plantation Management
         1. Agro-Forestry, Renewable Biomass Based Energy and Environmental
         2. Plantation Management – Agri – Commodity, Production, Testing and Marketing
      F. Fertilizer Marketing Management
         1. Direct Marketing
         2. Co-operative Marketing
     G. Agriculture Credit and Finance
         1. Agriculture Credit
         2. Agriculture Finance
     H. Organic Farming and Value Addition
         1. Organic Farming & Certification Protocols
         2. Value Addition and Quality Assurance
9. Industrial Training – Project Evaluation(8 Weeks Summer Training after Semester-II)
10. Seminar in Agribusiness Management

Semester-IV: 30 Credits

1. Strategic Management
2. Farm Business Management
3. Disaster Management and Agricultural Residue Management
4. Elective Group (Any One Group)
A. Agri Input Management
1. Agricultural Credit & Risk Management
2. Agro Chemical Technology & Management
B. Agri Technology Management
1. Renewable Energy Resource Management
2. Agricultural bio-Technology & Business Management
C. Food Process Management
1. Food Technology & Processing Management
2. Fruit Post Harvest and Processing Management
D. Livestock, Poultry, Fisheries & Dairy Management
1. Poultry Products Technology and Processing Management
2. Fish Products Technology & Processing Management
E. Agro Forestry and Plantation Management
1. Agro-Forestry Produce Value Chain Development
2. Agro-Plantation Business Management
F. Agricultural Marketing
1. Forward and Future Market
2. Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) Channel Marketing
G. Agricultural Credit & Finance
1. Micro-Finance
2. Micro-Insurance
H.Organic Farming and Value Addition
1. Organic Plants Protection and Disease Management
2.Organic Fertilizers,Crop Nutrients and Effective Microorganisms (EM) in Organic Farming
5.Seminar in Agribusiness Management (with Industry Participation)
6. Field Work & Dissertation
7. Viva-Voce

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